Bright: Magic Wands!

This magic wand is made of

  1. an old wooden crucifix.
  2. a rolled-up skinhead magazine.
  3. rusty, hooked daggers.
  4. empty bird feeding tubes, now filled with a turquois-colored gooey substance.
  5. old syringes.
  6. solid gold.
  7. melted coins.
  8. fossilized cobwebs.
  9. glass and mirrors.
  10. human teeth.
  11. an abnormally large finger. Its flesh is still warm.
  12. marble.

It is especially effective for casting spells of

  1. telekinesis.
  2. cleansing.
  3. money.
  4. divination.
  5. communion with the spirits.
  6. speed.
  7. flesh rot.
  8. finding lost items.
  9. discovering valuables.
  10. destruction of 1-2: walls; 3-4: windows; 5-6: doors
  11. healing broken bones.
  12. planting hatred into the victim’s heart.

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