What the Ork gang HQ looks like


  1. Walls decorated with limbs of mannequins
  2. hundreds of pictures of Catholic saints
  3. padded walls and doors
  4. actual HQ is many floors below ground and cave-like
  5. walls painted black, with faces of dying people projected onto gold foil wallpaper, 70s glitz
  6. deep space murals
  7. photo wallpaper with underwater imagery
  8. contemporary Danish design, very clear and bright
  9. covered with graffiti showing the Dark Lord
  10. Lord of the Rings-style


  1. old bar tables and stools
  2. cast from concrete
  3. soft & plushy
  4. stolen from old 1-2: horror; 3-4: scifi; 5-6: fantasy film set
  5. meditation cushions
  6. completely destroyed, what has happened here?
  7. iron cages, laid out with pillows
  8. sleek designer chairs and tables
  9. stolen from a police station, old and dingy
  10. nature themed

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