FKR posts on Darkworm Colt: orientation

Welcome, new readers!

Ben’s new video has prompted hundreds of players to become new members of our Free Kriegsspiel Revolution server on Discord – and I’m deeply grateful for that. The FKR discord started a little over a year ago, and I think we have every right to be proud of it.

By the way, this is the Discord chat between my friend Tan (of Underground Adventures) and I that started it all:

We had been exchanging FKR ideas for quite a while before that.

For those of y’all who are new to FKR and/or to my blog, I’d like to provide you with a few links to blog posts of mine that I think are helpful to understand what FKR is.

Play worlds, not rules is the five-part post series here on Darkworm Colt that describes my journey from diceless to freeform-with-fixed-rules to FKR. If there is something like “required reading” on my blog, then it’s that.

My friend Bob Meyer is one of the old-time players, a true grognard who witnessed and was part of the birth of roleplaying games in the modern sense of the word. He played with Dave Arneson in the original Blackmoor campaign, and he still is the guardian of Dave’s world. I conducted an interview with him where he told me extremely interesting things about how FKR gaming worked back in the pre-D&D days.

Bloodstone was one of my first games explicitly written with FKR in mind.

My Landshut rules show you how to play FKR in any genre, and how to convert every existing rpg to FKR.

Pardon my French, but… fuck rules, it’s all about immersion and diegetic gaming.

A full ten years ago, I created the page design for Professor MAR Barker’s Perfected FKR rules.

Of course, FKR can be diceless, just like back in the days when General Julius von Verdy du Vernois created the first Freies Kriegsspiel. Over on Tan’s blog, you’ll find a short example of diceless FKR, with Tan playing the character and me refereeing.

And this here is a post explaining how I referee diceless FKR games… and another one.

For those of you who want to emulate realistic gunfights in their FKR games.

Hit Points, shit points.

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