Thundarr FKR!

A quick status report on my latest FKR game 🙂
It’s coming along nicely…

Here are a few example heroes:

Multiple attacks, Battle Shout
Stun Hammer, Short Bow w/explosive arrows, Sword

Superstrong legs, sharp teeth
Machine gun, Chainmail armor

Sneaky, Keen Eye
Blowgun that shoots Stun Shuriken, Military Vest with glued-on pebbles

Priest of The Man with the White Hat
Pray to The Man with the White Hat, Bless(ed)
Metal Lawntrimmer, Hauberk armor

Urban Urchin
Small, bossy and headstrong, Survive in the city

Black hair, paperwhite skin, bright green eyes, jagged fingernails, no teeth
Runespells, Resistance against Magic
Runes: Softness, Feel, Taste
Crossbow pistol

Sharp teeth, very agile
Spear, Lazerwhip

Kid with Konnections
Small, Fixer, Survive in the Badlands
Shotgun pistol that shoots lazerchain links

Cybernetic Dragonman Sorcerer
Green skin, silver eyes, jagged nails, tusks
Breathe fire, Metal Body, Runespells
Runes: Peace, Darkness, Listen/Hear
Machinegun with DenseHeat ammo

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