DOSpunk, like a jumping knee to the face

It’s Shadowrun day here at the Matausch house 😉
You can download DOSpunk (PWYW) here:

And here’s an example character:

Sam Panthong
40-something, good instincts, perceptive Troll Physical Adept
sick, doesn’t have long to live any more
motivated by infamy
Adept Powers: Pain Resistance, Astral Perception, Hold Breath

…this is GREAT!
I picked the Thai last name because it sounded good. Now, the random tables tell me Sam is a physad with Pain Resistance… so he just HAS TO BE a thai boxer… and he used to be really, really good and famous in the ring.
Obviously, he did something, or something happened that derailed his life – what, we’ll find out in play.

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