The last thing I’m saying about why I left the FKR server I created

So I left the FKR Discord for good. I know my friend Yori will take good care of it. He’s good people.
Today, on another network, someone asked this:

Here’s the reason:

I’m exhausted. This was the third time SJWs acted up, accusing me of all kinds of “politically incorrect” behavior (when all I did was, in fact, write about the terrible political situation in my home country; oh yeah, and my first two crimes were this: I had mentioned our server was a place that welcomed everybody – which somehow offended them because I hadn’t mentioned LGBT people or whatever the “correct” term is nowadays, explicitly).

My family and I are forced to leave the country to get our lives and freedom back, and that’s a task that costs all of us a lot of strength and energy. I no longer feel like walking on eggshells all the time so as not to hurt anyone’s feelings. The most important thing is my family, bar none.

If that means I have to let something go that I created (but that turns sour periodically), then so be it. At the end of the day, I’m not attached to anything but my family.

I know I helped re-kindle the fire of pre-D&D roleplaying for a lot of people, that’s sufficient reward.

5 thoughts on “The last thing I’m saying about why I left the FKR server I created

  1. Norbert, you certainly rekindled FKR for me, this incredible hobby I share with my family. I am very grateful. Please take care of your family and yourself.


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