Solo session report: Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon with Moonhop+GLOG

I know why I love Tunnels&Trolls adventures (the system not so much)… so this happened:

I rolled up a character and sent him into the dreaded Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon.

I used Moonhop (my most favorite Into the Odd hack) and GLOG classes (Moonhop makes it easy to plug them in) and got this:

a 66 year-old Weaseling Barbarian
patient, naughty, can fit through holes 8″ wide
Rage (+1 damage, no defense, no tactics, can only stop when he’s killed every enemy around him, or is killed)
Loincloth HP (+3 hp if he doesn’t wear armor)

STR 12, DEX 10, CHA 7
hp 5

Spear d8
Shield Armor 1

The first room I rolled was the Equalizer Room. What a start! All my stats got boosted up to 18… a while later, I plucked a star from the sky which turned my hand into a living diamond (d8 damage), and the star turned into a ‘regular’ diamond (1000 silver).

A few rooms later, I met Lakov the Necromancer. He wished to die, but his dark gods did only allow this if he lost in a fight. He exuded magic, and so I decided to walk away. He was not too happy about it and cast a spell on me, reducing my stats by half.

After some tumbling and bumbling through other rooms, I meet a beautiful woman, and being the Barbarian that I am, I decide to accept her offers and have some sexy-time with her. Turns out she is Sharana, the deity of Love. I pass my STR save, and she grants me 1d6 to my STR, permanently. I roll a 6 🙂

My adventure ended (as always in DED) when I rolled the same room again. So here I stand, many experiences and 1000 silver richer, with my right hand turned to living diamond, I fought three carnivorous apes… and I have met a goddess.

Living the life. 🙂

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