I was 21 and on vacation in Ireland. With me, I had several issues of the Dragon magazine. I was reading on the bus, flipped the page, and… saw this ad: Amber Diceless roleplaying.

It spoke to me. It made my spine tingle. Everything about it was perfect. And what was it about that diceless business? I was hooked. When I came back home, I immediately ordered the book. Our group was the first in Germany to play the ADRPG. To this day, I think Amber is the roleplaying game par excellence.

2 thoughts on “ADS THAT CHANGED MY LIFE, part 3

  1. I recently got a hardcopy of this game, just as inspiration for my diceless FKR games. The chapter on diceless combat is priceless.


    1. Karim, my friend! Yes, indeed, that chapter has helped me more often than I can count. Some people feel offended by Erick’s writing style, calling it condescending. I like it.


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