Quick orientation post

I know I haven’t posted anything substantial for quite a while. The reason is we’re preparing our move (we’re emigrating), and that means a shitload of things to organize and get rid of…

If you happen to stumble across my blog because you’re looking for alternative ways to play your favorite game, maybe you’ll find something in my FKR game repository on itch: https://matausch.itch.io/.

For quick orientation:

I like to play action movies: try Red Thai Tigers or Ten Thousand Buddha Palms.
I like to play Dungeon World: try Bound for Glory.
I like to play Feng Shui: try Simple Feng.
I like to play Shadowrun: try DOSpunk.
I like to play Traveller: try Supercondensator.
I like to play Wrestling: try Wrestling Messiahs.

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