My journey to greater health

I’m a roleplayer. And, maybe unlike the majority of the roleplayers I know, I’m a fitness and self-protection enthusiast (I even teach military combatives and reality-based self-defense). I’m also pretty meticulous about the stuff I, er, stuff my face with. No grains, no prepackaged anything, I’ve been following the paleo “diet” for many years, and most of the times I’m leaning toward low to very low carb. All of this keeps me reasonably healthy.

(That’s me, doing a short demo of a hold that I usually do for 90 secs, medium-hard-hardest style.)

I tried to follow “programs” in the past, and sometimes, I followed them to the letter (like Josh Bryant’s Jailhouse workouts, or a couple of old catch-wrestling classics), but most of the time, I just do whatever I feel like, every day. I think doing something everyday adds up considerably, regardless of “intensity” (an overrated concept, if you ask me).

On to my new endeavor: Creating a training strategy that covers the bases I value most: health and fitness. (“Combat readiness” used to be a focus, but I’m pretty confident that I can protect myself and my family, plus: I need to relax much more, muuuuuuuuch more. Constantly being on “red alert” is not healthy)

So, I’m already doing isometrics every day. I’m varying the time under tension, reps and movements – Steve Justa is my iso god, if that makes sense.
AND I’ll add chi gong to the mix. Nothing fancy, just Ping Shuai and Zhuan Zhuang (I’m familiar with the first one, and very fleetingly know ZZ, but on both accounts, it’s nothing to write home about).

Today, my focus was on 2-minute holds (at 40 percent) for 20 different exercises, with 30 seconds rest between them. Tough, but very satisfying, and the pump was considerable.
After five hours, I added Ping Shuai (500 reps) and 10 minutes of Wu Chi (standing upright, the first position of ZZ). Tonight, I’ll either do 500 more reps of Ping Shuai, or more Wu Chi. The chi flow is already noticeable, which I attribute to my (on and off) meditation practice I started years ago. I’m an absolute believer in chi energy and the health benefits that come with regular and mindful practice.

Thanks for your patience.

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