Memories of places i’ve never been to

I’m in full-on nostalgia mode at the moment. The reason for this is probably our soon-to-happen emigration. Will we and our kids have a better future there? I sure hope so. It’s a bittersweet goodbye. We’re leaving the country we and our kids were born in. These ties are strong. But then again, wanderlust runs in the blood of my family: one of my grand-grandfathers went to China, a long time ago.

So I’m remembering. Memories of the 70s, the decade I was born, and the 80s, the decade I grew up. I’ve always been a small town boy. I grew up in a small town in Germany, and when we lived in the United States, we lived in a suburb of Dallas, TX. The freedom there always seemed to be greater than in the big city. The places I remember are in time, not in space.

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