FKR Invitational: The character sheet IS the game: Original Dand

The Free Kriegsspiel Revolution (that’s the word we used when we started the FKR Discord server) is used to simple rules. I have written a few handful of conversions of regular roleplaying games to FKR; you can find them here: I went through a game’s rules and FKR-ified them.

Let’s do something similar, but different.

I invite y’all to take a character sheet of any rpg you find interesting. Then:

  • Using just the character sheet, invent new gaming mechanics.
  • You have to use all terms on the sheet that are mechanically relevant.
  • Please, send your new-old game to me:
  • I’ll publish them here on the blog, and very probably in a future issue of The Neverending Drachenschwanz.

Without further ado, behold my game called ORIGINAL DAND.

You all know this character sheet:

Using just that sheet, I invent new rules: the Original Dand rules:

Character creation? Check.
Combat rules using descending AC, to-hit? Check.
Saving throws? Check.

Here’s an example character:

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