My Tunnels & Trolls to Risus conversions

Before I make peace with the Tunnels&Trolls rules, let me post my conversion guidelines for Evens Up Risus real quick:


  • Always start with 3 cliché dice as base.
  • Weapons are tools of the trade in Risus, so only 6-dice T&T weapons get a cliché die.
  • T&T Combat Adds (plus the weapon mods) are much more important because they say something about the skills of a hero. Divide Adds+weapon mods by 10 and round down to determine the cliché dice.


  • Take the Monster Rating, divide it by 10, round down and add 1 to arrive at the monster’s cliché dice.


  • Every cliché die beyond the 10th is not rolled, but counts as an automatic success. But if you’re into rolling oodles of dice, then more power to you!

Some examples:

  • A 1st level dwarven warrior with a sturdy sabre (3d+4) and 18 Adds has a total of (4, from the sabre, plus 18 Adds = ) 22. Divided by 10 and rounded down is cliché (2). Plus the 3 base cliché dice results in Dwarven Warrior (5).
  • Two ogres with a combined Monster Rating of 52 become Ogres (6).
  • A 20th level dwarven warrior who started out with Strength 18 and increased STR every time he gained a new level has a whopping STR 245! This means he’s a Seasoned Dwarven Veteran (26). He rolls 10 dice in combat and adds (26-10 = ) 16 automatic successes to every roll.
  • A fire-spewing 3rd level dragon has a Monster Rating of 330. It becomes Fire Dragon (34), rolls 10 dice and adds 24 automatic successes to every roll.

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