Making Risus cool again

Chris McDowall is a genius. After 9 years, I’m re-discovering his Risus house rules. They are the best I’ve seen in my many years of Risus gaming. How could I ever forget them? Hm.

Just a few highlights

  • High Die rule, with non-combat tasks being given a target number: 4 normal, 5 Challenging, 6 Heroic
  • New Pumping Rule, much simpler and more versatile, and doesn’t require making the cliché pumpable at character creation
  • Recovering clichés by ‘feeding’ them (doing something that is appropriate for the cliché, like studying dusty magical tomes to recover magic clichés, or repairing your vehicle to recover your Breakneck Stunt Driver dice)
  • Super-simple, but powerful Weapons-vs-Armor rules

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