My Risus rules

(with a lot taken from Chris McDowall)

  • Use the standard 10-dice Risus character creation. Sidekicks and Teammates are created with these, as well, on a 1:1 basis. You can also swap 1 cliché die for 3 rerolls.
  • Each cliché is allowed to have one Specialty, a genuine subset of it that represents maybe 20 percent of it, or less. A Specialty lets you roll two additional dice, but they don’t soak damage. If your cliché is down to zero, you can´t roll the Specialty dice alone.
  • High Die Rule: a challenge has a Difficulty of 4 (regular), 5 (Challenging) or 6 (Heroic). Roll the cliché dice and pick the highest one.
  • Combat: Resolved with the High Die rule. If both sides have the same High Die, compare the next highest die, till one side has the higher die or runs out of dice.
  • Combat: Attacking an enemy with weapons that are clearly not up for the task means you roll half your cliché dice, or even zero. Example: attacking a tank with a pistol = zero chance, zero dice. Attacking a tank with a panzerfaust = full dice. Attacking a Chaos Knight from the Realms of Iron (6) with a knife = half dice.
  • Side Pumping instead of regular pumping: you can pump a second Cliché for extra dice, on a 1:1 basis. Add those extra dice to the cliché dice you’re using for the duration of the roll. They are lost from the pumped Cliché. Reducing a second Cliché because you’re Side Pumping it does not take you out of the contest. This rule replaces standard pumping.
  • Teams roll their total dice and take the highest. Everyone on the losing team loses a die from their Cliche.
  • If a character does not have an appropriate Cliche for a task, or combat, they roll a single die, but only a 6 counts.
  • Feeding the Cliché: To recover lost Cliché dice, the character has to do something cliché-appropriate.
  • Room Clichés: Vincent Diakuw came up with that idea in 2004. Instead of peopling your dungeons with monsters and assigning each of them a number of cliché dice, simply assign each room a cliché. Every challenge, including traps and monsters, in that room has the same number of cliché dice as the room they’re in.

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