Playing the GLOG with The Landshut rules: RE-REDUX

1. Stats
Roll the usual six stats, STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA, and only write extremely low (6 or lower) and extremely high (16+) on your sheet. Don’t use numbers, but words: extremely low STR might be “weak”, extremely high STR could be “really strong”, for instance.

2. Pick any GLOG Template
Translate the bonuses into words: “MOVE +3” might become “moves fast”. Translate the feeling, not the numbers.

3. Abilities
Same as above: translate the abilities into words someone with zero knowledge of roleplaying games can understand.

3. Race
Pick or roll one.

4. Attack and all other rolls
When a character is doing something which he is fully capable of doing, it succeeds, no roll needed.
If risk or chance is involved and chances are less obvious, use opposed d20 rolls; roll with Advantage for characters with clearly superior combat skills.
OR roll a d20 without any modifier and use this table for a more narrative approach (yanked from Salvage Union).

5. Gear
Pick 2d6 pieces of gear, write them down, then lose 1d6 of them.

6. Hits
Start with 3 hits. Every +3hp in the GLOG template is one additional hit.


Example character:

Jimmy Hawkes, Roller Knight (written by Lucas here)
playing for The Birds
no remarkable stats
4 hits

Abilities (1st tier)
Slam: As an attack, you can slam things with your body to deal 2 hits damage. If you had a runup of at least 10′ on your skates, human-sized or smaller targets must pass an opposed STR roll against you or fall down.
Block: Once per round, you can make a nearby attacker target you with their attack.
+1 Hit

Equipped with: roller skates, protective gear (+ the rest)

Super Saturday Special: The Risus version!

Jimmy Hawkes
Roller Knight playing for The Birds (4)
* Slam (+2 dice, but can’t be lost in combat, Jimmy always rolls his Roller Knight dice and simply adds the 2 slam dice)
* Block: Once per round, you can make a nearby attacker target you with their attack.
Just a face in the crowd (3)
Protective Gear (2), just for soaking damage
Rerolls: 3

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