Risus ad-hoc rulings, part 1

Risus lends itself to FKR gaming. A key element of FKR is rulings, with the ref being the final arbiter who has the final say. A few examples.

Knock-down: If you roll only 1s and your opponent doesn’t you are knocked down and lose 2 cliché dice.

Critical Hits (highest die option): If your opponent’s highest die is twice as high as yours, you lose 2 cliché dice. If it’s three times as high, roll a d6, and the result is number of cliché dice you lose.

Luck Die: use a die with a different color for one of your cliché dice; if it shows a 1, something bad or unfortunate happens, regardless of the overall success of your roll. If it shows a 6, something good or fortunate happens, regardless of the overall success of our roll.

Straight Flush: If you have a (6) cliché and roll 1-2-3-4-5-6, you automatically win the contest.

Bonus Die Equipment: If you have really good gear, or a magic weapon, it might give you 1 or more bonus dice to roll. The legendary sword+1!

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