About me


Norbert Matausch, born in August 1970.

Married, father of two.

Ordained minister, Western Zen practitioner, conservative, radio journalist and military combatives/RBSD instructor.

Started roleplaying in 1984.

Published my first roleplaying game in 1984: Plüsch, Power&Plunder. Sold the rights to the game two years later, for a five-figure amount of Deutsche Mark. (You can read about it here, in DER SPIEGEL: https://www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/games/skurrile-rollenspiele-killer-kaninchen-kommunistenjaeger-kuscheltiere-a-721193.html)

For German-speaking players, I published two Das Schwarze Auge games: Das Auge and In die Dunkelheit.

Published a lot of games since then. Some of them, you can find here: https://matausch.itch.io/

May you find happiness, here and everywhere you go.

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