Sprawl Goons and Hardwired: a match made in heaven

Nate Treme published his one-page rpg Tunnel Goons a few days ago. Then, he started the so-called Goon Jam, a fun contest with the goal to write a hack of Tunnel Goons. So far, 16 games have been submitted (one of them being my Kung Fu Goons).

A while ago, I explained Why Hardwired is the real 2020 for me. Yesterday, Paul D. Gallagher, author of the beautiful, beautiful Augmented Reality cyberpunk sourcebook, submitted Sprawl Goons, and it’s a match made in heaven.

Tunnel Goons and its hacks are freeform enough to adapt to every play style, and at the same time, they provide enough structure to avoid the wishy-washy handwaving excesses that haunt so many freeform groups.