A ton of Hong Kong action movie generators

I think I have mentioned that Hong Kong Action Theatre! is the single best Hong Kong action film rpg out there. Not the rules (we’re playing FKR-style, baybeeeeee), but the setting.

In the original edition of the game (or, to be more exact, the first supplement, titled ‘To live and die in HK’), you could find a page filled with nifty random generators for your HK movie adventure.

I have built those tables in perchance for y’all to use:

Title Generator

Gunplay (bullet ballet, heroic bloodshed)

Modern Martial Arts

Period Martial Arts

Bizarre Fantasy


Action Sequence Generator

FKR HKAT!, part 1

Gareth Skarka’s Hong Kong Action Theatre! (first edition) is the single best Hong Kong action movie game on the market.

Impeccable ideas… HUGE FUN… but the rules are a bit slow.

So let’s FKR-ify it!

This is the first of a few FKR HKAT! posts.

Create your Character:
Roll d66 twice to know who you are. Let the words you rolled inspire you. Extrapolate your character’s skills and powers. Do this in-game so it can grow naturally.

For conflict resolution:
Roll 1d vs. the referee’s 1d. Higher roll wins. The more competent in a task, the bigger the die. Roll only for really interesting conflicts or tasks.

Roll Adjective

11 Young brash
12 Wise old
13 Lovable
14 Stone-cold
15 Mystical
16 Hard-boiled
21 Shapeshifter
22 Vengeful
23 Triad
24 Happy-go-lucky
25 Drunk
26 Disguised
31 Elite
32 Dedicated
33 Cocky
34 Over-eager
35 Spiritual
36 Experienced
41 Imperial
42 Daoist
43 Streetwise
44 Bumbling
45 Heavy-Duty
46 Two-Fisted
51 Burned-out
52 Retired
53 Hong Kong
54 Mainland
55 Rookie
56 Undercover
61 Kung Fu
62 Bare-handed
63 Orphaned
64 Cowardly
65 Comical
66 Magic

Roll Role

11 Cop
12 Monk
13 Buddy
14 Assassin
15 Cardshark/Gambler
16 Ghost
21 Detective/Inspector
22 Dragon
23 Former Enforcer
24 Bruiser/Brick
25 Agent
26 IT Specialist
31 Black Ops Specialist
32 Drunkard
33 Noble
34 Sorcerer
35 Sniper
36 Enforcer
41 Treasure Hunter
42 Stuntman
43 Bumpkin
44 Ninja
45 Ex inmate
46 Gun-nut
51 Warrior
53 Street Kid
54 Driver
55 Wandering Saint
56 Immortal
61 Stranger
62 Thief
63 Boss
64 Master of Arms
65 Swordsman
66 Monkey-King