Lazy Tuesday post

I’m in a stream-of-consciousness mood today, so this post here will be pretty unstructured. But still irrelevant, as always.

Cyberpunk thought of the day:

What’s your favorite recurring npc?
We all have one or more npcs that show up in our games, regardless of genre. Or don’t we? Well, I do, and this here is my favorite: The Big Man He actually started out as an absolute rarity: a Shadowrun player character of mine (I usually only referee games, so playing in one is very rare). The Big Man is morbidly obese and, if at all, can move only very slowly and not very far. In SR, he was a whale shaman, that’s the reason why he is constantly drinking cheap beer to keep himself hydrated. One of his abilities is To Become An Immovable Object. He becomes so heavy, you just can’t move him without machinery. He’s extremely short of breath, and his speaking patterns mirror that, “hey there…(huff, puff)… chumski! How’s… (huff, puff)… it goin’?” Ever since that first Shadowrun session, he’s popping up in almost all of my games, fantasy, cyberpunk, scifi, kung fu, you name it 😂

All dressed up and ready to party:

And my new favorite electro artist:

Blast from the Past

I’m a total, unabashed 80s fan. When Breakdance Sensation 1984 played, I was 14 years old, and loved breakdancing (my thing was Electric Boogie). Born and raised in Germany, I witnessed the rise of the Neue Deutsche Welle music firsthand, and by God, I loved it, all of it.
I DMed the first roleplaying game of my life in 1984, with the first and legendary edition of ‘Das Schwarze Auge‘ (The Dark Eye). It was love at first sight.
It was the same year when I started my full-contact martial arts path – many injuries, many sparrings and many brawls later, I’m still active and teaching. This, too, was love at first sight.
In many ways, to me the 80s were (and still are) the epitome of comfort, emotional security and careless freedom. I had my first crush on the girl next door, what a strange and wonderful feeling. My parents got it together, and after many years of struggling and fighting, rediscovered their love for each other. I discovered Alan Watts’ books and zazen meditation that same year – and they changed my life in profound ways.
For these and so many other reasons, the 80s mean a lot to me.
…and right now, I’m listening to a digitized version of a K-Mart Reel to Reel from May 1988. Because, to quote Marie Kondo, ‘it’s sparking joy’.
I wish y’all a beautiful, beautiful Tuesday. Take care, and know you’re loved.