Wrestling Messiahs, yo

 In August, I wrote about the new game I’m writing. It’s a wrestling adventure game: an FKR roleplaying game where you play pro-wrestlers trying to save the world. The working title was “Doom Bros.”, but it didn’t capture the essence very well.

The new (and final) title of the game is:

Now, that’s better.

Finally. I’m writing a new game. For the Free Kriegsspiel Revolution.

Yes. A wrestling game. A roleplaying game about pro-wrestling.
And I’m not talking about the old chestnut Kayfabe, or its hip offspring World Wide Wrestling.
What I mean is this:

You are one of the chosen few. One of those who have been raised in the ring. As long as you can remember, wrestling runs in your veins, the lucha makes your heart tick. At first you thought, what a wonderful sport. What a feeling when the adrenaline rushed through your body. What a kick when you pulled off that Suicida Somersault Splash from the top rope. And the fans were going crazy!

Then you saw one masked man against many, fighting in that back alley, and all he used were those over-the-top high-flying moves you knew from inside the ring. As you ran into that battle, preparing yourself to help him, your eyes locked with his. And you knew: you had an ally, no, a brother, connected with you across many generations of your families.
And you understood that pro-wrestling had two sides: the public one, with cheering fans and spotlights and pops and heels and babyfaces. And the real one, here in the world, where wrestling is real and the costumes have power.

This game will be powered by Landshut.
Working title:

An example wrestler: Sir Thomas Hardcastle
A mat technician (someone who’s good at grappling), filthy. Strong. Tough as nails.
Stiff British wrestling, many joint locks, strikes with forearms and knees.
Special Power: Stiff Upper Lip
Day job: Financial Advisor
Lives with his dog (“Spike”) and his girlfriend (“Linda”) – yes, in that order
Hailing from Bushbury, NH

Troikatober! Another background: Old School Pro-Wrestler

You worked hard to be where you are. The marks love you. You were one of the best jobbers in the biz, and you never, not even once, broke kayfabe. When the time came, you were prepared. You know you were indispensable for the federation, and you negotiated well. Your moves are basic, but you can sell pretty well. And when you throw the sign for your generic legdrop, the crowd pops like crazy.

You start with 2d6+30 Stamina

Yellow t-shirt (you rip it to shreds before a match begins)
Huge biceps you call pythons

Advanced Skills 
3 Microphone Skills
2 Basic American Pro-Wrestling
3 Finishing Move (determine name)

You can start using your Finishing Move when your opponent has one-third or less of their Stamina left. After you perform your Finishing Move for the first time, your Advanced Skill for it decreases by 1 point every time you’re trying it again in a match. Once your Finishing Move Advanced Skill reaches zero, you can’t try it any more and have to wait till the match is over.

Basic American Wrestling 


P.S. Yes, I’m in the designing phases for a pro-wrestling RPG based on Troika!. Suitable for all players, no pro-wrestling knowledge required.