Minipirates, MoldHammer version

So, minipirates. But for MoldHammer

Seamanship, Bragging, Intuitive Astrology (base 1 in 6 chance, +1 each for helpful attribute, relevant knowledge, GM feeling generous, using an appropriate tool, using the area to your advantage)

To-hit: 10
Armor: 10 (damn hard to hit)
Damage:   against very small opponents, 0 against opponents bigger than a hummingbird


Oh yes.
After all that philosophizing and meta-plane-drifting, I think it’s time for me to return to something… shall we say, tangible. Or, weirdly tangible. Walter Moers is a fellow countryman of mine, and his Zamonia books have been translated in dozens of languages.

Zamonia is weird, and funny, and interesting, and sometimes, bloodthirsty. Perfect for roleplaying!
And a good fit for GLOG.

…but an even better fit for Troika!.

Thank the mighty gods that TheLawfulNeutral has already posted some really good material for Zamonian roleplaying.

Today, I’d like to introduce the Minipirate race-as-class for my Troika!/Landshut hack.