Playing the GLOG with The Landshut rules: RE-REDUX

1. StatsRoll the usual six stats, STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA, and only write extremely low (6 or lower) and extremely high (16+) on your sheet. Don't use numbers, but words: extremely low STR might be "weak", extremely high STR could be "really strong", for instance. 2. Pick any GLOG TemplateTranslate the bonuses into … Continue reading Playing the GLOG with The Landshut rules: RE-REDUX

Reduce, abstract, reduce some more

This here is a typical Index Card RPG character: Torton Warrior STR+4 DEX+1 CON+1 INT- WIS+1 CHA-Slayer (if harming a foe he has harmed before, roll Ultimate die for damage)Defense: +5/15Basic Effort d4Weapons/Tolls d6+3Guns d8Magic/Energy: d10+1Ultimate d12+1LootBattle AxBattle Standard: choose one ally per round, their next turn is EASYHeavy ArmorNunchakuHealer's Case (heal 1 hp with … Continue reading Reduce, abstract, reduce some more


by the Master, John Blanche Mood music: Create your character! Race1-5 Human (2)6 Roll a d6: 1-3 Dwarf (2), 4-5 Halfling (2), 6 Elf (2) Career: roll a d20 and pick one career. This is your (4) cliché.1: … Continue reading Risus WAAAAAAAAAARHAMMMMMAAARRRRRR