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1989 was the year my roleplaying world changed forever. Shadowrun First Edition (English) hit the shelves, and my group and I were among the first players in Germany to receive the hardcover book. Boy, oh boy. I loved everything about it. The art! I mean, look at that cover! It’s oozing adventure. The setting! The tech! I loved everything… well, okay, not everything, but most of it. What I didn’t like were the rules. Clunky, complex and slow… but still… I kept writing material for the world, and we kept playing through school, through university and well into our first professional jobs.

In fact, we’re STILL playing Shadowrun 1e (the setting, not the rules).

The Pink Mohawk Archives try to collect as much old fan-made SR1e material as possible. If you find something that’s not featured here, please let me know.

Download my pay-what-you-want cassettepunk game DOSPunk!


Net Enhancements for Roleplaying Shadowrun NERPS

NERPS was an old mailing list for SR1, and the sourcebooks collected the ideas gathered there.

  • Edge Runners: interesting and far-out npcs
  • Foundations: Characters, plotlines, locations
  • Lost and Found: combines three planned NERPS books that never came to pass (including PSI and dragons)
  • ShadowLore: Races, magic, cyberware, bioware, matrix, tech
  • Underworld: Sourcebook on criminal activities in Shadowrun

Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to Everything Else NAGEE

The Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to Everything Else. Digital Fanzine. Six issues between 1992 and 1994, followed by three more 1999–2000.

The Plastic Warriors Netbooks

Their author,”Gurth”, was a star in the Shadowrun 1/2 era. He was ever-present on mailing lists and homepages. And you published a few darn good sourcebooks.


Playing SR 1e with minimal rules

Physical Adept Handybook

Adept Compendium 2065 (updated version of the Physical Adept Handybook above)

Cannon Compendium Redux: detailed rules for gun design

Drool. (1997) OK, so this was my first netbook ever. I’m still blushing. Because of many things, bad English and pseudo-toughness being among them.

Neo-Anarchist’s Catalog of Dispensable Necessities (1997): it was a good year for Shadowrun and me. NACODN was another netbook I published back then. Typeset with… Word. Oh well.

Blackjack’s Shadowrun page: Blackjack was HUGE in the 1990s Shadowrun scene. Plot ideas, gear, spells, archetypes… what you were looking for, he had it. And this one here is his new site:

The Big Knobi Klub: I’d say BKK was THE Shadowrun page on the net in the early days. A truly huge repository of ideas.

Dumpshock: The youngest addition to the plethora of material back in the days.

Mike Evans’s The Shadowrun Complete City Kit and New York City Guide

Mike Evans’s Shadowrun Background Generator

Chris Siebenmann’s 1993 elegant classic: A NEW Netrunning System for Shadowrun


My friend Tanael’s rad Shadowrun Adventure Generation Tools.

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