Kriegsmaschinen.: an Into the Odd mecha setting

I’m working on a Mecha game for Into the Odd. Its name is “Kriegsmachinen.”, and yes, I chose the German name deliberately because it sounds so cool.

Being a huge fan of miniatures on the table (even if I lack ANY skill to paint them, and WON’T do that), my idea is to write a setting and simple rules for miniatures, based on Into the Odd.

First ideas.

1-3: slow (d6 ramming damage)
4-7: mid-speed (d8 ramming damage); move miniature one length of a pen
8-9: fast (d10 ramming damage); move miniature 1.5 lengths of a pen
10: super-fast (d12 ramming damage); move miniature 1d4+1 lengths of a pen

1-3: light (d6 ramming damage); armor 0
4-7: mid-weight (d8 ramming damage); armor 1
8-9: heavy (d10 ramming damage); armor 2
10: super-heavy (d12 ramming damage); armor 3
11: titan class (d20 ramming class, not available for starting pilots)

Roll 3d6 for Power (STR), Mobility (DEX) and Sensors (CHA/WIL)

Roll 2d6 for Hit Points.

Mobility Class
2: Spider-mech
3: Quadruple/walker-mech.
4-8: Humanoid-mech
9: Jump/Leap-mech
10: Vehicle-mech (1-2: wheels; 3-4: tracks; 5-6: other )
11: Flying-mech
12: Swimming-mech

On-board Armaments
Roll 1d6 times to determine weapon systems; then roll 1d6 for each: 1-3 close combat weapon, 4-6: ranged weapon
1: light weaponry, d6
2-5: medium weaponry, d8
6: heavy weaponry, d10

Using On-board Armaments
Circle through your list of weapons continually, depending on the range of combat. You have two lists: one for close quarter/melee weapons, and one for ranged weapons.

Damage against Mechs
Muscle-powered attacks: 0
Firearms and power tools carried by humans do 1d2 damage, but can’t take it below 1hp.
Mecha-weapons do damage as listed.

Each time a Mech is wounded, but not critically hit, make a (second) Power save for each on-board weapon system. A failed save means this system is shut down because of structural damage (1-3) or overheating (4-6).

Mecha damage against persons
All damage inflicted with a mech-weapon is x3 against humans. Forget armor.

Ramming and Overrunning (taken from Chris McDowall)
causes damage depending on the vehicle’s weight or speed, whichever is better.
Light/Slow (d6), Mid-Weight/Speed (d8), Heavy/Fast (d10) or Super-Heavy/Fast (d12). If one vehicle is heavier than the other, damage against it is Impaired. Vehicles take no damage for running over soft targets like people.

Uses DEX saves for risky situations, or may simply incur damage to the mech.


Let’s try what we have so far:

My mech is a fast (d10 ram), light-weight (0 armor, d6 ram) Humanoid mech, 11 PWR 13 MOB 7 SNS, 5 HP,  armor 0, with 4 ranged weapons (3x medium d8, and 1x heavy d10) and 2 melee weapons (medium d8 and heavy d10).

When I’m piloting my mech and attack, using my ranged weapons, I circle through my list of 4 ranged weapon systems so no weapon gets used twice in a row. Some goes for melee: here I’m circling through my list of 2 close-range weapon systems.

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