What you have is what you are

So if I’m using Into the Odd as my go-to system for OSR fantasy gaming and I roll this character: (STR14, DEX11, WIL14, HP4 (pistol d6, saw d6, spyglass, animal trap), I’m starting with a someone who might be a trapper.

My next character is STR11, DEX10, WIL11, HP3 (speargun d8, oddity), and this is interesting, too. I like to combine all sorts of things with all other sorts of things, and that’s why I decide to roll not on Chris’s Oddity table, but on the Index Card RPG’s Starter Loot Table: I get Meditation Beads (“by counting the beads, the mind settles. Senses heighten, intuition improves”, +1 WIL). What do we have here? A monk living by the sea? A deeply religious fisherman?

Let’s shake things up and stay with this guy.
If I want my fantasy campaign to be strictly elves-dwarves-orcs fantasy, I consider the Oddity table a no-go. So let’s grant the player a roll on the Index Card RPG’s Ancient Loot Table: the Cloak of Aras,  an armor that deflects one attack against the wearer per turn. Wow. Powerful. So our character might be the son of a legendary warrior. Or the Chosen One.

I roll on the Shabby Loot Table instead: a Wool Cloak, granting the character 0 armor, but warmth in cold weather. Well, might be a poor fisherman.

If I feel adventurous, I roll on the Epic Loot Table and get: The Amulet of Thunder (when rolling for damage, if the die is showing half of its maximum value or less, I’m allowed to reroll, the second roll is final, though). So now we have a fighter with a speargun who does huge damage on a regular basis.

Let’s get back to the Index Card RPG tables one more time. I’m rolling on the Starter Loot Table again: Weapon Kit, +2 damage. All kinds of doo-dads that make this character a force to be reckoned with. Okay, so now this is a full-blown warrior, I’d say. Or a fisherman with an enormous skill for doing damage.

I like this. And I’m considering using Milestone Awards for Into the Odd: not only do character level up when they meet the requirements, but they also get rewarded for it.

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