Into the Odd fantasy game: Traditional class 2: The Fighting-man

Traditional Background: Fighting-man

You have learned how to fight.
You get: one-handed weapon (1d6), two-handed weapon (1d8, bulky), armor (1); In armed combat, roll 2 dice for damage, and take the result you want.
Sample Names:
Where have you learned how to fight?
In the best warrior academy of the land. When you kill an enemy, you immediately may attack another opponent.
In the School of Shadows. Make a DEX test to avoid damage from a ranged attack. This counts as an action, and you may not attack in the same round.
In the School of Hardknocks. Your toughened body absorbs damage like 1 point of armor even when you‘re naked.
In the School of Divine Serpent Fangs. If you roll a 1 for damage, roll again and add the result.
In the back alleys of your town. In unarmed combat, when you are hit, ignore damage that‘s 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12.
In the Courtyards of Dirt. You‘re carrying a rotting disease (+1d4 damage after a fight is over, and 75 percent chance your opponent will be infected).

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