Going back to my rpg roots

Going back to my rpg roots
I started refereeing in 1984 with the first edition of Das Schwarze Auge (English: The Dark Eye), the most successful German rpg. Back in the days, DSA was a fascinating blend of traditional Germanic folklore, sci-fi and sword & sorcery.
This was – and still is – so uniquely German, players called it “Hotzenplotz game” (from Otfried Preußler’s stories about the Robber Hotzenplotz).
In 2011, I wrote my first “retroclone” of DSA and called it Das Auge (The Eye).
Now, 8 years later, I’m returning to this game, the game that got me hooked for roleplaying forever. I’m writing a new version of it.

4 thoughts on “Going back to my rpg roots

  1. Hi Norbert, are you going to provide a setting ? Timeline and meta-story seem a big thing for Das Schwarze Auge.


  2. Hey Sean, DSA 1e contained a rudimentary setting, and this is whatI'll include (and I added a few things). Meta-plot is an absolute no-go for me, timeline as well 😉


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