Into the pbtA

Two days ago, I created a Dungeon World character randomly, using nothing but Johnstone’s Class Warfare, and 3d6.

This was the result:

GUNTHER, Warrior
STR (18) +2
DEX (12) 0
CON (9)0
INT (12) 0
WIS (9) 0
CHA (13) +1
hp: 10
Load: 12
Recruiting for the causeWhen you recruit, also pick options equal to your CHA. On a 10+, all of them are true. On a 7–9, only one of them is true, GM’s choice. On a miss, none of them are true:

  • You gain the support of the locals, and my carouse in town before leaving.
  • You recruit a small squad of hirelings who do not have skills.
  • You recruit an additional, skilled hireling.
  • You requisition a piece of equipment from the locals.

Loyal CrewYou run a gang. They could be soldiers, pirates, thieves or mercenaries, but they’re yours and you are their captain and commander. By default, your crew is a medium-sized group (12-15 people), cautious, intelligent, and organized. In the normal course of operations, they obey your orders. Your crew are elite troops, a small-sized group (5-10 people). Roll +WIS to command them. They run a caravan. They’re poor, with shoddy equipment and no money.
The Weight of CommandWhen you issue a command to your crew during a charged situation, roll +WIS. On 1 10+, your crew obey you. On a 7–9, you have a problem to deal with first. Either they demand rewards, fight back, or try to back down until you make an example of one of them or convince them some other way. On a miss, eitehr one of them makes a concerted effort to supplant you as leader or they fall prey to their poverty.
Charge!When you lead the charge into combat, those you lead take +1 forward.

Now, a couple of days ago, Voidlight came up with this idea:

Today, I’ll do some Into the pbtA magic:
– Use a pbtA and plug it into ItO

Like so:

GUNTHER, WarriorSTR18 DEX12 CHA 13, hp10 
Moves (roll w/Advantage): 
Recruiting for the cause (CHA),  I have a Loyal Crew (CHA), Command my Crew (CHA), Lead charge into Combat (crew rolls w/Advantage for the first d6 rounds)


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