Narration rights

This is a quick thought.
Think of a character you want to play… write down a few things about him.

Usually, you roll 3d6 for tests.

If you roll 1 or 2, the ref has full narration rights and he can narrate whatever s/he/it wants.
If you roll 3, the ref has full narration rights, but you get to narrate a bit, as well.
If you roll 4, you have full narration rights, but the ref can squeeze in some things, too.
If you roll 5 or 6, you have full narration rights.

Some beings or situations are dangerous. Subtract 1 to 6 dice results from the player’s dice roll. This is called Hazard Rating. The ref determines the Hazard Rating.

Plot Points
When you roll a 5, you earn 1 Plot Point.
When you roll a 6, your earn 1d3 Plot Points.
Spend Plot Points on a 1:1 basis to get more dice to roll. You must narrate how the additional dice change the situation.

There you go, octaNe-style narration rights.

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