Amber Diceless: nope, no Everway rules

Character sheet I whipped up for the Amber 17
Canon Attribute system. 600 dpi, A4 format.

So the Everway rules for Amber turned out to be not quite what I was looking for. I wanted to stick with the old Amber Diceless attributes, but I wanted a system that treated the Amber Diceless powers more like attributes. The solution is Aref Mak’s super-elegant and deep Amber 17 Canon Attributes system. Those rules treat powers as attributes, as well. Very freeform, and at the same time, really perfect to play characters that stay close to Roger Zelazny’s description in the books.

Don’t get me wrong: Amber Diceless had Mr. Zelazny’s blessing, so there for sure is no reason to say it’s badwrong fun. But what you can say is that introducing more attributes and simplifying existing rules will work at least as well as Amber Diceless.

The day is today. In a little less than 10 hours, we’re playing Amber again. At last. It already feels like coming home.

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