Martian Robo Wizard or Spell Robot (GLOG class)

Yay! My first GLOG class!


You are a robot. This gives you the equivalent of plate armor.
Solar Panels: You don’t need any food, but you have to charge your solar batteries every two days. If you don’t, starting with the third day, all your rolls are at -3, at the forth at -4, and so on. Go one week without recharging, and you’re completely out of order.


You are slow. You always act last in a round. Like, always.
Heavy: You weigh as much as three average men.


1. Fix Machines: You can fix broken machinery (as long as it’s a technology you know) in about half the time a human or dwarven engineer would need.
2. Wi-Fi: You can communicate mentally with other Martian Robo Wizards within 10 miles.


You are a robot and start without any spells. Because you lack creativity, you have to observe other wizards doing magick. To learn your first two spells, make an INT save to calculate the appropriate sorcerous algorithms – then, roll 1d6 twice on the spell table of the wizard you just observed, and get the 2 spells listed.

At level 2, observe a wizard again, then roll 1d8 and get the 1 spell listed in his table.

At level 3, do the same, but roll 1d10 and get the 1 spell listed.

At level 4, choose up to 6 spells from the observed wizard’s list.


  1. Spell dice only return on a 1-2 for 24 hours. 
  2. Your solar batteries deplete suddenly. Can’t move for 1d6 rounds. 
  3. Take 1d6 damage from overheating. 
  4. Memory bank error: For 1d6 hours, make an INT save before casting a spell. Failed roll = determine a spell randomly, that’s the one you cast instead. 
  5. When you lose a spell die, you also lose 1 hp. This can’t kil you, though. 
  6. Voice unit gets scrambled; everything you say is extremely loud and broadcast with a booming voice; after 1d10 hours, make STR save to stop it, or fix that problem mechanically. 


  1. The behavior of beings that were born instead of created has always puzzled you. Now, it’s outright terrifying and illogical. Make CHA save to get a hint of what their behavior might mean. Failed save = you do the opposite of what the group has planned or of what you are told to do. 
  2. The surface of your body becomes electrically conducting. 1D4 damage to everyone who comes in contact with it. 
  3. Everyone you touch is turned into a mechanical version of themselves (if they have lower HD or max HP than you). You can avoid this doom by erasing the memory banks that hold your spells.

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