Magic Items, FKR style

So, everything is up to interpretation in FKR games, right?

Why don’t we apply that rule to… magic items?

Let’s ask the oracle for a name, shall we?

Ah, the infamous “Berserkers’ Cudgel of Platinum Cloud”!

Quick brainstorming here, and then I write down the following ‘tags’: HUGE SPIKES, EMITS PLATINUM-COLORED CLOUDS, HEAVY

After tagging, the fun part begins.

The players write down the tags, and so do I. The tags are all they have and know. No numbers, no mechanics.

When a situation arises where a piece of Loot or a Spell might fit, I roll a die. One die. The higher the result, the more effective that Loot or Spell works. How do they work? I’ll make a ruling. Maybe the Berserker’s Cudgel of Platinum Cloud does damage alright, but if the die rolls a really high number, a hit turns enemies into clouds, or engulfs them with clouds that do horrible things to them.

Of course, you can also ask the players what they think it might mean… and use their ideas for your sinister plans 😉

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