Things you see in L.A.

My first Bright-inspired random table.

  1. An ork street vendor selling organ meat of doubtful origin.
  2. A street preacher praising Jirak.
  3. Part of the street has collapsed, you can see all the way down into the subway tunnel.
  4. An apartment block’s walls have cracked, and there’s otherworldly light pouring through the cracks.
  5. A Fogtooth ork, helping a neighborhood kid.
  6. A flock of fairies attacking a helpless child.
  7. A crackling sound, followed by a flash of brightest light. Then: an explosion about 100 yards away.
  8. Two hungry ghost dogs gnawing on a huge bone.
  9. An ork funeral procession. Gang colors and hand signs everywhere.
  10. A dwarven window cleaner with his crew.
  11. Public meditation lessons on a sunny plaza.
  12. Teenagers removing graffiti from a church wall.
  13. A portal that has opened right there in the middle of the road, sucking in nearby people and vehicles.
  14. Temple of Light disciples distributing flyers.
  15. The charred ruins of a block that got burned to the ground.
  16. The gargantuan silhouette of the First Elven Bank of America far away in the distance, where the lights are bright.
  17. A steel door adorned with ork skeleton paintings.
  18. Two LAPD cops talking to a delegation of elves. None of them looks happy.
  19. Gangbangers drinking fairy blood mixed with cheap Polish vodka. They claim it helps them pierce the veil between worlds.
  20. A street vendor selling karma stones. They bring good fortune.

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