Quick and decisive combat with Into the Odd

We’re playtesting the Into the Odd/Electric Bastionland combat rules for a cinematic cyberpunk game… and they’re BEAUTIFUL. The last situation we tried was this here: a hired killer (STR8 DEX 13 CHA 11, 17 hp) with an assault rifle against 7 goons (4hp, daggers d6). Location: dark warehouse. They spot him, and start to run towards him. He gets one chance to spray them with bullets before they arrive. We’re using the “Into the Jungle” autofire rules. Player: rolls a d20 – he has to roll 18 or lower for the first burst, 15 or lower for the second, and 10 or lower for the third. He makes all three rolls, so he can now roll damage three times. After this attack, three goons were dead. Goons: Now they’ve reached his position, and we roll group initiative: The goons win. I roll damage: 4d6, highest die: a 6. The player character (killer) is down to 11 hp. Next round, player wins initiative. Player: There’s still four of them, shiiiiat! I let myself drop onto my back (a move we learned in Russian military combatives), and try to squeeze the trigger! (He’s the one most at risk, so I have him make a DEX save, with Disadvantage – and he aces it!) Again, the player goes for three bursts of fire; two of them are successful, then, he’s out of ammo. These shots kill another two gangsters. Two left. Now’s the goons’ turn. Goons: roll 2d6 for damage, and again, highest die is a 6. The player character is down to 5 hp. New round. The gangsters win initiative. Goons: roll 2d6 for damage, and ANOTHER 6 pops up. The player character is down to 0 hp, and STR 7. He makes a STR save to avoid critical damage, but misses. Holy SHIT, that was AWESOME!

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